What is a content management system

By: Brendan Robertson > September 22, 2016

Laptop showing code, while someone types away.

What is a Content Management System?

I was encouraged by my friends in the WordPress Community that taking the step into a content management system was worth it. Not an early adopter by any means, I find a process that works for me and I stick to it. I have made a living at doing just that. Personally, I was happy with my “Moustache” templates, flattening the files into a panini
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and throwing the distribution files off to the web. I still use it to some extent, but not in the same regard. But with a CMS system, I can post, modify, edit and change from any computer regardless of my access to FileZilla, or trying to use the atrocious file manager of my hosting company. Now to upload content, I can log onto my laptop at Starbucks, or email a post to the website from my phone, or the traditional write a post when the mood strikes me and then. Now I upload what I want, where I want, when I want and have WordPress take care of it with the specifications I have already set up in developing this theme. With all the benefits associated with CMS, you might be wondering why the long wait… me too.

I am very happy in the end I made the switch. Not only is managing my website easier, I now can start offering a better product to my existing clients. So with that in mind, I wanted to talk about what a CMS really is incase you decide to go down this path as well.

In short, a Content Management System is a system that supports modification to website text, images, navigation bars, headers, footers, and the rest of it, in a low level way that anyone without knowledge of programming can upload content. It’s the basis on what Facebook, Twitter, and online WYSIWYG editors such as Wix and SquareSpace, are founded upon. The key word in Content Management System is Content. You won’t see Facebook pages where the layout is different from one person to the next; you only see different content. The layout is always the same.

So why do I need a developer?

You are a business person. You may even know a lot about programming, and design but you don’t do everything in your business do you? You hire an accountant for accounting, a lawyer for documents, and you should hire a design company for your online presence. You tell us what you want, and we give you recommendations. Based on sound advice, industry standards, you make a decision, and we execute.

Additionally, we don’t take pre-existing themes and modify them. Most themes look good with the large images in their templates, meant to entice you into buying something like that, but unless you take professional photographs of your business with a similar colour scheme, layout, the template won’t fit your business. You’re a one of a kind business, you should have a one of a kind website.

Finally, if you do decide to change the layout of a theme, you will need to know PHP if you are using WordPress, CSS if you want to add elements, potentially JavaScript if you want to add some interactivity. You will need to hire a developer at this point, and it will be a lot faster if they already know the code used to make the website. This is why we code all of our themes systems from basically scratch. Bespoke designs, from scratch.